Episode Transcript – Episode 36 - Warren Cup

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Episode Transcript — Episode 36 - Warren Cup Warren Cup 5 - 15 AD from Bittir, near Jerusalem I'm in Tate Modern in London, and I've been standing for a while looking at Rodin's famous sculpture, 'The Kiss' - it's a life-size white marble carving of a naked man and woman engaged in a passionate embrace. Almost everybody here circles the statue with unembarrassed curiosity, but just a hundred years ago this amorous couple was seen very differently - as unforgivably and, more important, unexhibitably erotic. When the wealthy American, Edward Warren, who'd commissioned the statue from Rodin, offered it to the Sussex town of Lewes, the townspeople rejected it as pornographic, as did the city of Boston. In neither Boston nor Sussex was ready for Rodin, and neither may yet be ready for the other famous artwork that Warren owned and also kept in his Sussex home: it's a Roman silver cup, two thousand years old, with scenes of sexual coupling between adult men and adolescent boys. I love it because I just think it is so tender. I've got two daughters, and I've actually determined that this is how I'm going to introduce the subject of homosexuality to them, bring them to have a look at the Warren Cup and then explain what's going on. The theme of this week's programmes is pleasure - social activities.

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